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Florida Cops Using Skype To Expedite Warrants

Here is the latest police technology news from around the interwebs for 032811. The lone story to make the cut today is the Palm Bay, Florida police using Skype, in-car, to get search warrants faster.

Palm Bay, Florida Police are using Skype to get blood draw search warrants faster. Police in Palm Bay are using Skype in conjunction with cellphone calls and emailed scanned documents to expedite obtaining search warrants for blood draws. When an officer stops a suspect for suspected drunk driving, and believes the driver to be impaired, the officer calls the judge using his cell phone. The officer then completes, in car, the needed forms and emails those, along with his digital signature, to the judge. Once the judge has all the documentation, the judge calls the officer via Skype for his official testimony.

If the judge determines sufficient evidence exists, he signs the warrant and delivers it back to the officer electronically. The process takes an average of less than 30 minutes. It typically takes several hours using traditional means. The same process can be used to obtain arrest warrants for other criminal suspects (( Source - WKGM.com. )) .