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Setting Up A Small Police Agency Website for FREE

There are several ways to setup a FREE website with email for your small sized - 10 or fewer employees - law enforcement agency. This setup provides most of the items the public expects from their public officials, namely a website and email contact. In this brief tutorial I am going to detail one way of getting your agency online. This is a model I have moved to for my personal sites and, so far, it’s worked out pretty well. 

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Field Contact iPhone App

Field Contact By qBlueprint

Made by qBlueprint, Field Contact is an iPhone replacement for a patrol officers field contact card. The entire application resides on your iPhone and is locked with a pass code of your choice.

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Nov 1

The Future Of Speed Traps

The Consumerist had an article recently on a new speed camera system that has been developed by the Canadian firm Peak Gain Systems called Cordon.

Cordon is a portable system that is able to track the speed of up to 32 vehicles simultaneously. the system shows an image of the license plate for each vehicle detected that is superimposed over the video image.

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iPhone Catches Cheating Spouse

Why is this being posted here? Because it has L.E. applications. That and it shows how far anyone can go with modern technology to easily track another person. This is also a cautionary tale of knowing whats on your phone that can track you.

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Oct 9

Keeping Up

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten this area of my life. There are a lot of changes going on in my personal life and, for the time being, those are taking precedent over the police technology blog. Once I get that aspect under control, I’ll be back to posting monthly, if not weekly, news on whats hot in cop tech.

Until then, please take a gander at the Facebook page where I keep news related to law enforcement coming daily.

Aug 8


I first ran across Swatting last Friday in a news article I stumbled (( Swatting found on The Daily What. )) across. Apparently swatting has been around for years and is only made easier with the increased use in VoIP phone services that allow the caller to set their own caller ID information. For those, like me, that don’t know  -

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Flare Gun Drone Launcher

A report in PopSci details how Defcon hackers turned a 73mm flare gun into a drone launcher to rival military grade systems under active development in Israel and the US.

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